Research & Development

The KLGS Research & Development Department and its major activities

Based on the experience of its personnel, using own park of machines and laboratory facilities, and undertaking cooperation with scientific units, KLGS conducts research and development works resulting in the implementation of innovative materials and technologies in the field of injection moulding of technical plastic parts.

It is planned to extend the scope of this work and create within KLGS a specialist Research and Development Centre for injection moulding technologies.

Topics of some R&D works (completed or ongoing) carried out so far by the KLGS R & D Department are listed below:

  • Development of technology for the management of waste post-production mixes of various engineering plastics, like POM, PA, PBT, PPA, ABS, PC, PMMA used for thick-walled products operating in the construction industry, agriculture, road works and others. Submitted to the Patent Office (P.421880 “Polymer-polymer waste plastic powder composite and a method for its production”)
  • Development of technology for rapid prototype mould making using aluminium powder sintering technology by Selective Laser Melting (SLM) carried out in cooperation with the IOS Institute of Advanced Technologies in Cracow. The research has been focused on the technology of making injection moulds with complex geometry and conformal cooling channels
  • Development of a structural design and implementation of an automatic drilling machine for the KBA component
  • Development of a construction solution for automatic opening of working zone guards for 100T injection moulding machines – implementation of a prototype solution on an Arburg 100T / I injection moulding machine
  • Design and execution of a test stand for optical control of the mould emptying operation and tool setting for the manufacture of composite structural parts – in progress
  • Development of guidelines and concepts for the construction of 2-K moulds using a high-precision fully electric aggregate for multi-component injection. Execution of test mould
  • Development of an implementation concept of the low-pressure injection technology for short series of large components. Execution and testing of low-pressure injection moulding stands

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