Enviromental policy

The priority objective of our Company in the field of environmental policy and health and safety policy is to conduct business in a way friendly for both man and the environment, to ensure safe working conditions for every employee employed in the organization and for people working under its supervision, and to eliminate or limit to the minimum any adverse impact of production on the environment. We have implemented the ISO 14001 environmental management system.

We are aware of the responsibility for environmental protection and work safety and health protection of our personnel, and that is why we care about:

  • necessary personnel and technical and financial means to implement the set tasks in the field of environmental protection and safety and health protection of employees,
  • technical and organizational progress in the implementation of new products and technologies to prevent environmental pollution, accidents, occupational diseases and potentially accidental events,
  • continuous improvement of the integrated management system and results obtained in the area of ​​the environmental protection and occupational health and safety,
  • compliance with applicable legal acts in the field of environmental protection, occupational health and safety, and other requirements related to the Company’s operation,
  • limiting and, if possible, eliminating the use of substances harmful to the environment, mainly by application of technical, technological and organizational solutions that allow reducing the nuisance of processes at the source,
  • rational and environment-friendly waste management by segregating, securing or transferring the waste to recycling or liquidation,
  • environmental protection and occupational health and safety at every level of management, shaping the positive attitude of employees towards occupational health and safety and raising the employees’ environmental awareness,
  • consulting our employees about undertakings aimed at improving the occupational health and safety and minimizing the adverse impact on natural environment, achieved through discussions with the health and safety representative and in direct contacts with employees.

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