Quality policy

All processes and activities are managed in such a way as to meet the requirements of PN-EN ISO 9001 and ISO / TS 16949 standards.  For Customers in the electrotechnical and electronic industry, the requirements of UL 746D are satisfied.

The activities we undertake are based on continuous improvement of the effectiveness of quality management system to best meet the Customers’ requirements as well as other relevant legal regulations. In this respect:

  • we follow and analyze quality indicators and improve the effectiveness of our processes,
  • we minimize the negative impact of our products and processes on the environment,
  • we develop production management tools,
  • we train the personnel for effective production,
  • we successively retrofit our machine park and measuring laboratory,
  • we promote the use of renewable raw materials – biopolymers and biocomposites – and advanced construction materials that ensure high durability of products.

Owing to these activities we can follow the path of development and strive to obtain the following goals:

  • develop cooperation with Customers from the automotive industry to achieve 30% of sales for this segment,
  • promote the KLGS brand in the Katowice, Mielec and Cracow economic zone,
  • promote the KLG Bydgoszcz brand in the production of painted parts, KLG Galwano – in the field of galvanized parts, and GGS – in the production of injection moulds,
  • expand the scope of services provided,
  • gradually develop the value of sales.

I am committed to providing the resources necessary to implement the Quality Policy and achieving quality goals.

Chairman of the Board

Roman Serafin

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