Computer simulations & mould testing

Making high-quality injection moulded parts in a short time and at a low manufacturing cost of both mould and component is a challenge that should be faced as early as at the initial stages of mould, product and process design. KLGS offers its Customers a simulation of the injection process using the latest version of Autodesk Moldflow software, which is highly appreciated by manufacturers of advanced injection moulded parts.

Simulation allows making the design with optimized deformation, i.e. meeting the required tolerances, time of production cycle and strength of the injection moulded part. The scope of support offered by Autodesk Moldflow injection simulation software covers the following issues:

Injection moulded part geometry

  • Analysis of producibility and effect of product modification on the process
  • Optimization of the injection moulded part geometry in accordance with the Customer’s guidelines (no modifications in specific places, weight reduction, increased stiffness)

Mould filling

  • Location of mould joint lines and their shift
  • Runner balancing and cavity layout
  • Selection of the gating system including its dimensions (cold and hot runners)
  • Selection of the location and number of injection points
  • Selection of the gate diameter and geometry
  • Determination of the injection pressure and mould clamping force
  • Selection of the injected material temperature and injection speed
  • Determination of the optimal screw speed profile
  • Determination of the optimal pressure profile to compensate for shrinkage
  • Reduction of internal stresses in the injection moulded part
  • Analysis of forming core bending
  • Analysis of mould venting
  • Analysis of fibre orientation

Mould cooling

  • Analysis of simplified heat transfer model (beam elements) and full cooling system (3D elements) showing exact distribution of the flow velocity pattern important for complex channels and conformal channels
  • Location of hot spots
  • Determination of the heat removal capacity of individual cooling channels
  • Proposals to modify the existing system
  • Complete design of a new cooling system including the system of ejectors
  • Optimization of flow parameters, fluid type and channel geometry to reduce the cooling time


  • Selection of the best material for injection moulding
  • Analysis of deformation of the injection moulded part and correction of the deformation by means of:
    • Changes in the pressure profile
    • Changes in the location of injection points
    • Changes in the cooling system
    • Changes in the injection moulded part geometry
    • Design of Experiments





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